Prof. J. Czarske’s Invited Presentations:

  • “Neurodegeneration in Organoid Retina,” SPIE Photonics Europe, Strasbourg, April
  • “Lensless 3D Fiber Endoscopy,” SPIE OPTM, Tokyo, April
  • “Lensless Imaging for Tumor Classification,” Optica Congress, Vancouver, July
  • “Computational Endoscopy,” Optica Digital Holography, Cambridge, August
  • “Aberation Correction in Microfluidics,” ICO & OWLS, Dresden, September
  • “3D Micro Endoscopic Imaging,” ICO & OWLS, Dresden, September
  • “Lensless Endoscopy with 3D Printing,” EOSAM, Porto, September
  • “Lensless Multicore Fiber Endoscopy,” NeuroPhotonics, Brno, October
  • “High-Resolution Microendoscopy,” SPIE Optics+Photonics, San Diego, August
  • “Smart Fiber Endoscope,” various seminars and workshops, throughout the year

These presentations cover advancements in optical microscopy, lensless endoscopy, digital holography, and deep learning applications in biomedicine and neurophotonics. Prof. Czarske was invited by leading experts to share his insights at prestigious international conferences and institutions. For detailed information on each talk, please visit the respective conference websites or contact Prof. Czarske’s office.

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications by Prof. J. Czarske and Team (2022):

  • “Computational Holography for Optogenetics,” Applied Science.
  • “Focus Positioning via Neural Networks in Microscopy,” Appl. Sci.
  • “Laser-Doppler Flow Measurements,” Technisches Messen.
  • “Ultrasonic Imaging in Molten Salt,” IEEE Transactions.
  • “Holographic Tracking in Neuronal Networks,” Life Science Alliance.
  • “Silicon Growth Melt Flow Studies,” Journal of Crystal Growth.
  • “Ultrasound Microscopy in Metal Flows,” Applied Sciences.
  • “High-Speed Elastography with Brillouin Scattering,” Optics Express.
  • “Real-Time Light Field Control,” Scientific Reports.
  • “Spatial Mode Transmission in Fibers,” APL Photonics.
  • “3D Imaging with Dynamic Correction,” Optics and Lasers in Engineering.
  • “Phase Imaging through Lensless Endoscope,” Light: Science and Applications.
  • “Human Organoid Retina Investigation,” Light: Advanced Manufacturing.
  • “Minimally Invasive Endomicroscopy,” Technisches Messen.
  • “Neuronal Network Dynamics,” Frontiers in Neuroscience.
  • “Flow Fields around Microswimmers,” Advanced Science.
  • “Fiber-Communication Channel Surveillance,” Optics Letters.
  • “Gas Flow in Crystal Growth,” Flow Measurement and Instrumentation.
  • “High-Resolution Imaging for Cancer Diagnosis,” Sci Rep.
  • “Imaging Liquid Fraction in Foam,” IEEE Transactions.

These publications highlight the team’s innovative research in optical engineering, biophotonics, and computational imaging. For full articles and detailed research insights, please refer to the respective journals.