2023 Highlights of Peer-Reviewed SCI Publications by Prof. J. Czarske and Colleagues:

  • “Simplifying Quantitative Phase Imaging,” Light: Science & Applications.
  • “Data Security in Multimode Fibers,” Research.
  • “Self-Calibration for Fiber Multiplexers,” JEOS.
  • “Ultrasound Imaging in Foam,” IEEE Transactions.
  • “Phase Imaging in Fiber Endoscopes,” Optics Letters.
  • “Optical Interconnects for Secure Communication,” Sensors.
  • “Correcting Chromatic Aberration with AI,” Opt. Express.
  • “3D Microscope for Tissue Scanning,” Optics Express.
  • “Water Monitoring in Fuel Cells,” IEEE Transactions.
  • “AI-Driven Tomography in Cell Rotation,” Nature Communications.
  • “Taylor Bubble Dynamics,” Physics of Fluids.

Prof. Jürgen W. Czarske’s 2023 Invited Conference Talks

Prof. Czarske and his team are leading the way in optical engineering and photonics with a series of invited talks at prestigious international conferences. Here are some highlights:

  • ICTON 2023: Stefan Rothe and colleagues discuss securing spatially multiplexed communication systems using multimode fibers’ disorder, Bucharest, Romania, July.
  • SPIE BiOS: Prof. Czarske explores neurodegeneration in organoid retinas through transmission matrix measurements, San Francisco, USA, January.
  • Advanced Photonics Forum: J. Sun presents on smart multi-core fiber endoscopes for light field control, Zhejiang University, 2023.
  • ITO Colloquium: Prof. Czarske showcases 3D printed holograms for lensless imaging, Stuttgart, March.
  • LOPS Conference: Novel lensless endoscopy techniques using 3D printed holograms are unveiled, Fort Lauderdale, USA, June.
  • SPIE Metrology: Multicore fiber endoscopy for 3D cell rotation and tomography is discussed, Munich, June.
  • Optics Frontier: Keynote on computational lensless multicore fiber endoscopy, Xi’an, China, August.
  • Photonics Global Conference: Inverting imaging waveguides’ transfer functions for lensless endoscopy, Stockholm, Sweden, August.
  • Correlation Optics Conference: Closed-loop and neural network aberration correction schemes are explored, Chernivtsi, Ukraine, September.
  • Optics and Photonics Africa: Innovations in lensless fiber endoscopy by femtosecond laser manufacturing, White River, South Africa, November.
  • QPhotoniX 2023: Computational fiber-optical communication and sensing using AI, Jinhua, China, November.

These talks cover groundbreaking research in computational imaging, AI applications in biomedicine, and advanced communication systems. For more details on each presentation, please visit the conference websites or contact Prof. Czarske’s office directly. Join us in exploring the future of photonics and optical engineering with Prof. Czarske’s insightful contributions to the field.

These works represent significant advancements in holographic sensing, secure data transmission, adaptive optics, and AI applications in biomedical imaging. For more information, please refer to the individual publications.